If a candidate wants to resit AS components, which AS marks will count towards their final grade?

Previous marks will only be considered if the candidate has been entered for an entry option which indicates that previous marks will be carried forward. Therefore, if a candidate sat their AS Level examinations in June 2015, they would need to enter in November 2015 for an option which includes the 'June AS Mark Carried Forward' component for this result to be considered. Previous entry details should also be provided in order to help us find previous examination results.

It would be possible for candidates to sit only the 'A2' components while carrying forward the AS result gained in June 2015. It is also possible to enter for the full A-Level, whilst carrying forward any previous AS results from June and November. Their best overall AS level result, i.e. either June or November, would then be carried forward.

Cambridge will use the best overall AS result, not the individual component marks. For example, if a candidate sat the AS in June 2015 and then sat the full A-Level in November 2015, we would use either the total AS mark from June or the total AS mark from November; we would not combine a mark from one AS component in June and another from November.

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