Lost / replacement certificates

Will Cambridge replace a lost or damaged certificate?

It is our policy not to replace lost certificates. Candidates who have lost certificates can apply for a Certifying Statement of Results.

Cambridge at its absolute discretion reserves the right to issue replacements for damaged certificates to students upon satisfactory proof of identity. This service is only available within 18 months of the date of issue of the original certificate. Thereafter, a certifying statement will be issued to students. The damaged certificate must be returned to Cambridge before any replacement certificate will be provided. A fee will be charged for issuing a replacement certificate. Students requiring this service must make the request via the school where they took their examinations - we will not issue a certificate directly to a candidate.

What is a Certifying Statement?

A Certifying Statement is an official document issued by Cambridge which shows the grades obtained by a student in a given examination series. The Certifying Statement is fully endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. A Certifying Statement can also be issued as proof to an educational institution or employer of the applicant's results. All grades are shown on a Certifying Statement, except ungraded, fail, no result, pending or to be issued results.

How can I apply for a Certifying Statement?

Please click here to apply for a Certifying Statement application. You can submit your application online or via the form to download. Please ensure you complete the application in full, along with the correct payment and some form of identification of the candidate, such as a photocopy of a passport, birth certificate or driving licence. The link contains more details on all the information you need to submit an application, as well as details of the fee and processing timescales.

The method you use to return the form depends on the way you decide to pay the required fee. We recommend you submit your application online as this is the quickest route to completing your application, however you can download and send the application form to us either by fax or post:

* By secure fax: +44 1223 376587

* By post:
Certifying Statement Administrator 
Exam Data Management
Cambridge International Examinations
Cambridge Assessment DC10
Hill Farm Road
CB22 4FZ
United Kingdom.

Can I have a Certifying Statement sent directly to my university or college?

We can send your Certifying Statement to any address specified on the application form. If you need us to include a reference number or cover letter when sending to the university, please include details of this with your application.

My certificate was issued with incorrect name or date of birth information. Can I get a replacement?

Certificates/Certifying Statements are issued in the name of the candidate at the time the award is made. Replacement certificates/Certifying Statements will not be provided to accommodate a subsequent name change.

We will consider requests to correct minor errors in the spelling or appearance of a candidate’s name, or to correct a date of birth. We can only process requests if the original certificate is returned to Cambridge by a registered centre, relevant ID is provided with the request and the request is made within 18 months from the date of issue of the original certificate.

Whilst we appreciate this may cause candidates some inconvenience, certificates must show the status of the candidate at the time of the examination. We would advise candidates in this situation to present their certificate with accompanying legal documentation to any interested parties.

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