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What is an Enquiry about Results?

An Enquiry about Results is a review of the marking of a student's examination script(s) or a re-moderation of a school's internally assessed work.

We carry out extensive quality checks before we issue results. However, we do offer an Enquiry about Results service if you would like us to check the results for particular candidates.

A guide to our Enquiries about Results process for candidates can be found on our website here.

What Enquiry about Results services are available?

We will provide an explanation of 'NO RESULT' (X grade) or 'PENDING' (Q grade) grades, without charge. These requests should be submitted through CIE Direct using the Enquiries about Results tab. We usually issue a 'NO RESULT' if the candidate appears not to have completed all the components of an assessment. If you have evidence, for example an attendance register or coursework mark sheet, to show that the candidate has completed all components, please upload copies with your request on CIE Direct.

For all Enquiries about Results you can request an 'enquiry by component' which is explained below.

'Enquiries by component': A review of specified externally assessed components. Please select all the components you would like to be reviewed.

Please note we cannot accept requests for the same syllabus, but different components at a later date for the same candidate. All component enquiries for a particular candidates syllabus must be submitted at the same time.

How should I apply for an enquiry about results?

Enquiries about Results must be submitted through CIE Direct. Our step by step guide to the Enquiries about Process and a video tutorial can be found on our website here.

Schools are required to submit Enquiries about Results by the following dates:

    June series – 30 September

    November series – 26 February

What fees apply to Enquiries About Results?

For details of the fees that apply to Enquiries about Results please refer to the current fees list in the my messages section of your CIE Direct account.

How long does it take to process an Enquiry about Results?

We will deal with enquiries in the order in which we receive them and we will communicate the outcome of your enquiry to you within 30 days of receiving your enquiry.

It is essential that schools contact Cambridge if an acknowledgement letter is not received within two working days of submitting the enquiry.

Can a school make more than one enquiry per syllabus on behalf of a candidate?

Cambridge will allow only one Enquiry about Results for each candidate’s result in the externally-assessed components of a syllabus. Schools may, in addition, request a service 5 (re-moderation of coursework and report) in that syllabus.

Schools may request different services for different candidates’ results in a syllabus.

Schools may make requests for the same candidate for the same or different services in other syllabuses.

When making an enquiry by component schools must submit all enquiries for the same candidate/syllabus together. Additional component enquiries for the same candidate/syllabus will not be accepted at a later date.

How will Cambridge notify schools of the outcome of an Enquiry about Results?

When your outcome letter or copy of script is available in CIE Direct, an automated notification email
will be sent to the email address listed as your ‘Centre email’. Your outcome letter will be shown as ‘Out
Letter’ and your copy of script will be shown as ‘Cos Letter’ in the ‘List Enquiries’ section.

Can schools appeal against the outcome of an Enquiry About Results?

If you would like to appeal against the outcome of an Enquiry about Results, a two-stage appeals process is available. Please follow the procedures outlined in the Cambridge Appeals Regulations and Guidance document found here.


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