How can I transfer an entry to another school?

We accept amendments to entries of candidates that are moved to another of our registered schools after their entries have been submitted. Please do not enter or withdraw a candidate who is being transferred until we have confirmed that the transfer process has been completed.

Make sure:

•  You submit your request at least 10 days before the date of the candidate’s first examination

•  The request is for all their entries; we cannot accept requests for a candidate to transfer to another school for specific syllabuses or components.

To transfer a candidate, two forms need to be submitted (which can be found here):

• Entries – Form 3 is completed by the original school.

• Entries – Form 4 is completed by the receiving school.

A transferred candidate is the responsibility of the receiving school. If necessary, you will need to make arrangements with the exams officer at the receiving school to complete any internal assessment. Once the transfer is complete the exams officer at the receiving school must submit any internally assessed marks and coursework samples.

We will refund the original school the entry fees and charge the receiving school entry fees for the transferred candidate. We will not charge any late entry fees.

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