Why are there examinations on Saturday and evenings for the November 2015 timetable sessions?

The security and integrity of our examinations is vital to us, our schools and to the candidates who take Cambridge examinations.
As part of our programme of continuous improvement, we have further enhanced our security measures. One of the enhancements includes the introduction of Saturday and evening timetable sessions.
From the June 2014 series we have scheduled a small number of examinations on a Saturday. And from the June 2015 series onwards, we are also introducing an evening session and evening Key Time for schools in administrative zones 4 and 5.
We appreciate that scheduling exams on Saturdays or during evening sessions may present logistical issues for some of our Centres. However, introducing these new timetable sessions means that candidates in different time zones will sit their exams at the same time helping to safeguard the security and integrity of our qualifications. 
If the final timetable presents major difficulties for your candidates you may be able to apply for a timetable deviation. You can find more detailed information on timetable deviation regulations in section 1.1 of the Cambridge Handbook.

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